By opening a Professional account on the Music Park association's website (non-profit-making french law 1901) you open a user account called "Professional", (which does not include becoming a member of the association), to take advantage of certain services offered by the website to put in touch between the artists present on the site and music and entertainment professionals (1). The artists present on the site have the choice to give information in a public and/or private way, either on a "Public" profile accessible to any person visiting the site whether they are connected or not, or on a so-called "Pro" profile accessible only by users called "Professional". Among this information you will be able to find addresses, email addresses, telephone numbers, technical data sheets, stage plans, catering plans or any relevant document such as contracts, a professional presentation and videos, depending on what the artists wish to communicate.

However, you can also go directly to the artists' website (if they have one) to contact them directly. Music Park proposes the service of putting in relation in a completely altruistic way without trying to take advantage of this service to collect information and make trade. Nevertheless, Music Park reserves the right to use the email addresses of Professional users to send them certain announcements coming exclusively from the association to announce a concert, a festival, the activation of a new feature on the site or any information that would seem important to transmit to Professional users.

We would also like to make it clear to music and entertainment professionals that the artists on the website are not members of any copyright management company, either in France or abroad (such as SACEM in France, SABAM Belgium, GEMA Germany, SGAE Spain, SIAE Italy, etc.). ), nor have they published their works present on the site "for commercial purposes" in order to be able to maintain total control over the management of their copyright and related rights and the authorisation to disseminate their works. Thus if you wish to organize a concert with one of these artists, you will not be obliged to pay a royalty on the copyright collected in France by SACEM (2), or if you decide for an event to use their recorded works you will not have to pay related rights, provided however that you obtain the authorization to broadcast their works in a public space in a commercial environment or not delivered by the association when you become a Broadcsater member (3). On the other hand, these artists may eventually decide to negotiate directly with you a part of the contract that will concern the copyrights (4), and you should know that the Music Park association has strictly no impact on such negotiations but can become an advisor for either party if either party wishes to do so.

Finally for your information you should know that the Music Park association strives to find solutions for the autonomy, independence and emancipation of artists (in music), and that following this objective it will always defend artists from this point of view.


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(1) A professional in the field of entertainment and music is understood to be any entity (tour operator, producer, publisher, etc. in an associative or entrepreneurial form) who wishes to contact an artist for professional reasons, to contract for a concert, a festival, the creation of a work on commission, etc....

(2) To make sure that you do not have to pay anything when organizing a concert with an artist who is not a member of a copyright management society and who of course plays his own works, beyond the fact that it will be relevant to be able to give a list of the works played by the artist and an attestation from the artist that he has played his works and that he is not a member of a rights management society in France or abroad, (to SACEM when it tries to force you to pay royalties that sometimes exceed its rights), to avoid SACEM claiming royalties (for copyright and related rights) for the music you broadcast before or after the concert, ensure that you broadcast musical works whose copyright is managed in the same way as for the works proposed on the music-park site. org with, of course, the authorization to broadcast them in a public space in a commercial environment.

(3) Authorization of diffusion: A written authorization of diffusion is provided to you by the association Music Park which itself obtained the authorization, of diffusion in a public space that it is in commercial environment or not, of the artists present on the site.

(4) This way of dealing with copyright also avoids the SACEM's pre-emption for management fees, which is of the order of 15 to 20%.