Simple User

By opening a Simple User account on the Music Park association's website (non-profit-making law 1901) you open a user account called "Simple User" (which does not include becoming a member of the association). However, if you wish to participate in the activities of the association you can apply to become an Active member. However you do not need to become a member of the association to support it financially, you can make a donation which will allow you to finance for example business cards, flyers for its communication, the hosting of the site, etc..., but also and above all the association will be able to consider financing the artists' projects such as creating a poster, organising a concert, financing an instrument, a recording session in the studio, a mastering, etc... But don't worry, there are no plans to finance a Jacuzzi or a holiday in the Maldives. In this respect, the association's accounts will be totally transparent for anyone who has participated in its financing, whether as a member or as a donor.


Within the framework of the objectives of the association which is to bring autonomy, independence from intermediaries of all kinds, the association proposes a free service of directory of artists' websites, whose domain name is, which allows the public to discover the artists through their own website. This service is undoubtedly the best proposal for the emancipation of artists from intermediaries, here particularly streaming sites that try to capture all artists such as Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Qobuz, Amazon Music Unlimited, etc. The goal of a service like is to allow a direct relationship between the audience and the artist. Localisemusic Music is a bit like arriving at a crossroads from where all the roads lead to the artists' houses, knowing that on you can search with the style of music or other types of filters. Try searching with a musical style in the Google search engine, it won't give you much, while there you will have all the (referenced) sites of artists who play music in that style. Of course afterwards, the artist's site must offer the public the possibility to listen to the works, or even to download them; there we count on you to help us to encourage artists to choose this way of managing their works. So no more need for Spotify, Deezer, etc. No more letting intermediaries get rich on the backs of the vast majority of artists who receive very little or no revenue from these platforms. is open to all artists. You should also be aware that you yourself can reference one or more artists on the site.


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